Sunday, February 12, 2017

Western Movies full HD Bone Tomahawk

Bone Tomahawk

Gene: Western

     In the 1890s, two drifters, Purvis and Buddy, make a living killing and robbing travelers. Spooked by the sound of approaching horses, they hide in the hills and encounter a Native American burial site. Buddy is attacked and killed, and Purvis escapes.Eleven days later, Purvis arrives in the small town of Bright Hope and buries his stolen belongings. Chicory, the town′s backup deputy, spots him and reports to Sheriff Franklin Hunt.
     At the town′s saloon, Hunt confronts Purvis. When asked his name, Purvis hesitates before giving the name ″Buddy″ in an attempt to hide his identity. Sheriff Hunt shoots Purvis in the leg when he tries to escape. Hunt sends John Brooder, a local educated man and known womanizer who witnesses the shooting, to fetch the town's doctor.
      Meanwhile, foreman Arthur O′Dwyer rests at home with a broken leg. His wife Samantha, the doctor′s assistant, tends to his wound. As the doctor is drunk, Brooder calls Samantha and escorts her to the jail to treat Purvis′s wound. Leaving Samantha with Purvis and his deputy Nick, Hunt and the others return home. That night, at a stable house, a stable boy is murdered by unseen attackers. Movies Western.

Subtitles: 16 subtitle languages

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