Sunday, February 12, 2017

Indian Movies full HD Gajakesari


Gene: Indian / Action

      The film begins in the forest area of Aanegudde, an elephant reserve. A state minister arrives at the place of a local don, Rana. Rana forces the minister to sign a deal to open a resort at Anegudde. The minister signs reluctantly after seeing his bodyguard being murdered by Rana.
   The scene next shifts to Prakash Raj introducing an ancient temple in the royal city of mysore called ″Shankara Narayana″ temple which is being managed by a holy Mutt, headed by the pontiff (Anantnag). The Mutt has a very good reputation by not being involved into any politics and also being equally revered by both Shaivites and Vaishnavites.
    Then comes into picture, the hero Krishna (Yash), with his mother Girija Lokesh. Krishna is a happy-go-lucky youth, a hard-core Rajkumar fan, who has a kind heart for people and is involved in a small-time loan financing company.
     It is revealed that Krishna′s family is very much devoted to the Mutt and also that he was born after Krishna′s father pledged that Krishna will be sent to become the next Pontiff of the Mutt after Anantnag.  Movies Indian.

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