Sunday, February 12, 2017

Indian Movies full HD Chod Na Yaar

War Chod Na Yaar

Gene: Indian / Comedy

    The film begins with Captain Rajveer Singh (Sharman Joshi) and Captain Quereshi (Javed Jaffrey) are captains of India and Pakistan playing cards with their partners at Indo-Pak border. Suddenly bomb explodes. Then the film flashback into 17 hours before. At that time the Defense minister of India calls Rut Dutta (Soha Ali Khan), the reporter of GBC news to talk some important top secret.
   He reveals that after 2 days war will be declare between India and Pakistan. At 14 hours before, Defense minister of Pakistan with Pakistani General contacts with Defense minister of China for some help.
    Defense minister of China tells that he will attack nuclear bomb in New Delhi. At Indo-Pak border Pakistan armies are becoming very lazy. Then don't want to pay attention to commander Khan(Sanjai Mishra). Movies Indian.

Subtitles: 16 subtitle languages

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