Monday, February 20, 2017

War Movies Jarhead 3:The Siege

Jarhead 3:The Siege

Gene: War

     Corporal Albright (Charlie Weber), a go-getter Marine who aspires to be a hero, is a newly graduated Marine who is first stationed at a United States Embassy in a Middle Eastern territory referred to as ″The Kingdom″ The area is known to be fairly peaceful due to the US ambassador, Ambassador Cahill, who is known as the peacekeeper. When Albright first arrives he meets several other Marines including Hansen, Ski, Lopez, Stamper, Sunshine in addition to their superior Sergeant Gunny Raines (Scott Adkins), all of which seem fairly laid back. Albright is then directed to meet the Ambassador and his staff, where he meets Kraus, head of Security, and Olivia Winston, digital security director. When he meets the Ambassador his purpose is to hold a book for the Ambassador while he reads to local children. Albright and the rest of the Marines perform a variety of menial tasks like the holding of the book and cleaning cars as their main purpose there. Movies War.

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