Monday, February 20, 2017

KungFu Movies The 36 Chamber

The 36 Chamber

Gene: KungFu

    A young student named Liu Yude is drawn by his activist teacher into the local rebellion against the Manchu government. The government officials, headed by the brutal General Tien Ta, however, quickly discover and suppress the uprising, liquidating the school and killing the students′ friends and family members. Yude decides to seek vengeance and liberation for the people, and heads for the Shaolin temple to learn kung fu.Wounded by Manchu henchmen during an escape, Yude reaches the temple and seeks sanctuary. Initially the monks reject him, since he is an outsider, but the chief abbot takes mercy on the young man and lets him stay. One year later, Yude - now known as San Te - begins his martial arts training in the temple′s 35 chambers, in each of which the temple′s novices are trained in one aspect of the kung fu fighting arts. Movies KungFu.

Subtitles: 16 subtitle languages

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