Saturday, February 11, 2017

Movies full HD Western Western Religion

Western Religion

Gene: Western

Western Religion is set in Religion, Arizona, where gunfighters from the far reaches of the globe come to compete in a poker tournament where their very souls are on the line.The film opens in Arizona Territory in the year 1879 with a number of scenes that intermingle to provide glimpses of a handful of the main characters and their backgrounds — Saint John (Gary Douglas Kohn) who is hanging from a noose like a dead man yet still very much alive; the gunslinger Anton Stice (Claude Duhamel) who kills four men over an insult; Chinaman Dan (Peter Shinkoda), a wanted bank robber; and the multifaceted dandy Salt Peter (Louie Sabatasso), a cardsharp looking for the next big game, in this case the tournament in the dusty tent city of Religion. Town entrepreneur Harvard Gold (James Anthony Cotton) hosts the ″first annual″ poker game as a means of drumming up business for himself and putting Religion on the map.Movies Western.

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