Saturday, February 11, 2017

Movies full HD Western The Dark Valley

The Dark Valley

Gene: Western

      A young stranger rides into a remote town somewhere in the Austrian Alps. Having introduced himself as a photographer, Mr Greider, he becomes the lodger of a widow whose husband and son suffered an untimely death. Soon the newcomer learns that the entire town is firmly under the dominion of an aged rich man named Old Brenner and his six power-drunk sons.
   One day the widow sends her daughter to town to run some errands. Greider is invited, and decides to accompany young Luzi. As Luzi does her shopping, Greider asks for coffee and horseshoe nails. The brothers discover him at her side within the store, and command him to drink their schnapps. When he politely refuses by stating that he ″doesn′t drink″, one of the brothers beats him into compliance.
    Later, one of the Brenner brothers dies in what looks like a freak logging accident. Soon this same fate befalls another of the brothers; he falls off a cliff having been blinded by a branch with nails on it. Old Brenner finds nails in his dead son′s eyes. Movies Western.

Subtitles: 16 subtitle languages

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