Monday, March 6, 2017

Mistery Movies Oliver′s Deal

Oliver′s Deal

Gene: Mistery

     With the help of his Peruvian friend RicardoOliver, an American hedge fund banker, buys debts owed by the Peruvian government to landowners. Though the deals are lucrative, Ricardo has lingering doubts about whether they are helping Peruvians. At the same time, Maria, a nurse at an underfunded hospital in Lima, cares for her elderly, ailing mother, Gloria. Though Gloria needs hospital care, Maria can not convince her superior, Dr. Cerrón, to admit her, as Gloria′s illness is not life-threatening. In the Andes, a mountain farmer, Florentino, struggles to convince his neighbors not to sell their ancestral land to Caravedo, a developer who has promised to bring modernization and jobs to the area. Florentino has a strained relationship with his son, Diego, who dreams of being a pilot. Movies Mistery.

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