Thursday, March 9, 2017

Interstellar FULL streaming movies

Interstellar full movies

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Gene: Adventure

    Sometime in the 21st century, crop blight on Earth has made farming increasingly difficult and threatens humanity′s survival. Joseph Cooper (McConaughey), a widowed former NASA pilot, runs a farm with his father-in-law, son, and daughter Murphy, who believes her bedroom is haunted by a poltergeist. When a pattern is created out of dust on the floor, Cooper realizes that a gravity anomaly is behind its formation. He interprets the pattern as a binary-encoded set of geographic coordinates. Cooper and Murphy follow them to a secret NASA facility, where they are met by Cooper′s former professor Dr. Brand (Caine).Brand reveals that a wormhole mysteriously appeared near Saturn 48 years earlier, opening a pathway to a distant galaxy with potentially habitable planets.Full Movies Adventure.

Subtitles: 16 subtitle languages

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