Friday, February 10, 2017

Movies full HD Drama Rebecca


Gene: Classic / Drama

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      A naive young woman (Joan Fontaine) is in Monte Carlo working as a paid companion to Edythe Van Hopper (Florence Bates) when she meets the aristocratic but brooding widower Maximilian ″Maxim″ de Winter (Laurence Olivier). They fall in love, and within two weeks they are married.
   The young woman is now the second ″Mrs. de Winter.″Maxim takes his new bride back to Manderley, his rather large country house in Cornwall. The housekeeper, Mrs. Danvers (Judith Anderson), is domineering and cold, and is obsessed with the beauty, intelligence and sophistication of Maxim′s dead wife Rebecca, the first Mrs. de Winter, preserving her former bedroom, the master suite, as a shrine.
    Although dead, Rebecca′s presence is nonetheless pervasive - several things throughout the house - stationery, handkerchiefs, bed linens, even the master bedroom door - bear her ornate ″R″ or ″R de W″ monogram. As her closest confidant, Mrs. Danvers regularly comments on Rebecca′s exceptional grace and style. Movies Fiction.

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