Monday, February 13, 2017

Comedy Movies Krampus:The Reckoning

Krampus:The Reckoning

Gene: Comedy

    KRAMPUS:The Reckoning jumps into the life of a young girl (Haberman) who′s been bounced from foster home to foster home, and her reserved introversion and overly quiet demeanor haven′t helped her cause in the least. Her self-salvation comes in the small army of dolls that she possesses, and one in particular serves more than just a cuddly purpose: His name is Krampus, and his evil spirit can be summoned by this ″precious child ″ to do her bidding, which basically consists of laying a holly-jolly sized slaying upon those who’ve angered her.The last mysterious example of her aggression manages to land her in a kid’s hospital, under the close psychological supervision of a doctor ( Engesser ) who attempts to delve into the little elf′s diabolical motives. Movies Comedy.

Subtitles: 16 subtitle languages

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